GOP - copies

Here you will find COPIES of the general operating license for many vehicles.

These copies are intended to help with the re-registration / re-registration / insurance of your classic car, but are NOT a substitute for the original vehicle registration document!
They only serve the TÜV or DEKRA as a template for official new papers, as the technical data is often no longer available on site or the data research there is usually far more expensive (up to 50-70 EUR).

However, you CANNOT legally use a simple copy directly!
They are NOT "blank copies", but are deliberately marked as "copies" to prevent misuse.
We do not assume any liability for "falsified", i.e. copies that have been modified in any way!

Please compare your vehicle data yourself so that you get the correct one
ABE copy received!
If you have any questions, please contact us BEFORE paying the invoice
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ABE duplicates and ABE copies are of the return, return
and basically excluded from exchange!