Redeem gift vouchers and special conditions
(FAQ = frequently asked questions and their answers)

1. Shipping the gift voucher:
Gift vouchers are sent in the form of a code by e-mail after receipt of payment for the order belonging to the voucher.

2. Forwarding the gift voucher to third parties:
The voucher code can be forwarded to any other person.

3. Redemption of gift voucher only possible on other persons:
The coupon code can only be counted once and only on orders of other persons.
He can not be counted on own orders (same customer who bought the voucher).
This applies in particular with obvious intention of circumventing the minimum order value!
Since it does not make organizational sense to buy and pay for a coupon today, you can credit it back to your own order a few days later. As this only brings senselessly increased administration and booking costs for all participants (including you as a customer), this is basically not possible.

4. Redemption of the gift voucher:
A) The coupon code must be entered in the comment field along with the word "coupon" or "voucher" for redemption at the end of the order in the summary (5) of the order process.
>>> Examples: "Coupon 123456789"  or  "Voucher 123456789"
B) The voucher deduction is subject to reservation and will be reviewed by us at a later date. If the coupon code is wrong, has already been redeemed or the coupon period has expired, it will not be charged. In this case, you will receive a note on your invoice.
C) Therefore, the invoice amount may not be transferred immediately.
Please wait until our final invoice and then transfer exactly the remaining amount indicated there ("open amount")

5. Vouchers "welcome credit of 5.00" within the campaign "Customers Advertise Customers" by Victoria-Oldtimer:
This "Welcome Balance" may not be used to purchase coupons.
It must not be counted later on the customer who has advertised the new customer.

6. Multiple use of coupons and combinations:
Vouchers may not be used multiple times.
Coupons may not be redeemed in combination.
Vouchers may not be redeemed for the purchase of additional vouchers.
Only one (1) voucher is allowed per order.

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