How to order

Dear Customers,

Please take some time and read through this question completely and carefully when ordering questions. Thank you very much!

For months we have received over 3 times as many inquiries / orders as humanly possible.
Therefore, please order the required parts directly here in the webshop!
Pure "inquiries" can therefore currently NOT be processed!
> See request STOP
"Orders" by e-mail or even by fax or letter for parts that have been easily orderable in the shop for years, we would also like to ask you to actually place them directly in the webshop.
It makes little sense for everyone involved to copy the stock number from the shop and send it by email (or letter) with the request to create an invoice ...
The webshop does this automatically.
Therefore please help us to save valuable time and use the webshop.
If you have problems ordering, please continue reading here below.
Thanks a lot!

How do I create a customer account in the webshop?
In the webshop click in the top right next to "Search" on "LOGIN" and then on "NEW HERE? REGISTER NOW"

New here? Register now

Then fill out ALL mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk on the right at the end of the fields):
Create new account 

These are:
STREET (PLEASE ONLY enter the name WITHOUT the house/street number!)
STREET NUMBER (PLEASE ONLY enter the house/street number here!)
E-MAIL (necessary for smooth communication)
PHONE (necessary for any ambiguity when ordering or parcel delivery)
BIRTHDAY (legally mandatory to confirm the age of majority and thus legal capacity)

Then please also click with the mouse in the box "I AM NOT A ROBOT" to confirm that you are a real person and not a SPAM computer (unfortunately necessary today).

Now please assign a secure password:
at least 8 characters
(optimally consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters)
(please DO NOT use dates of birth, zip code or name

Then please finally click on "SUBMIT CUSTOMER DATA".
Many Thanks.

If you have problems creating the customer account, please check AGAIN whether you have really filled in ALL of the mandatory fields listed above!
The fields "SALUTE" and "COUNTRY" are often overlooked because of the pull-down menu ...!

How do I find the right parts?
We are a specialized company for
- Victoria - Vehicles
- Zweirad Union - vehicles
- BING carburetor
- SACHS engines
That's why 95% of all parts in the webshop make the most sense to order either
- by original spare part order number via the SEARCH function
- about the CATEGORIES of the vehicles and the assemblies / panels - 1:1 as in the original spare part list

The "universal matching" articles are provided with as many information as possible.
Please note, however:
Simple search terms such as "Bowden cable clutch" lead to several results which then without to consider the details or the category of the article more closely may NOT fit!
(compare search term "hexagon screw M10" This is not an "inadequate function" but is in the nature of things.
Comparative Example:
Also original spare parts of current car manufacturers will NOT be listed with all dimensions, weights, etc., since these are partly trade/company secrets!

Do YOU have a original spare parts list available?
If you do NOT have an original spare parts list to determine the correct spare parts with order numbers, please order FIRST a suitable CD from this category with sub-categories depending on your vehicle / engine brand:
Types CDs
(The contents of the CDs (PDF file, also suitable for MAC!) can also be printed for personal use purposes!
Copies and original literature can also be ordered.

Model identification > please inquire with exact vehicle information:
If you are unsure which model you have, we are happy to help you with the identification.
But we need well-founded information and pictures of the vehicle via e-mail (please NOT by fax, as pictures are no longer recognizable):
- VIN or photograph of the nameplate on the frame
- Engine number or photo from the type plate on the engine
- Pictures of the complete vehicle - possibly also disassembled and spread on the floor
(a pile in boxes is usually NOT sufficient for unambiguous identification)

Add article to cart:
If you have found the item(s) by the SEARCH or categories, you can either
A) Click on the item picture or the item name to display all available details (description, notes, ...) and then set the desired quantity with the small arrow keys and click on "Add to cart", or
B) For known articles, directly set the desired quantity with the small arrow keys and click on "Add to cart"

Then you are welcome to buy more items or go directly to the cart.

Please complete the order process COMPLETELY:
You must complete the order process COMPLETE to the end!
(just "look" at the abstract is NOT enough to send the data to us!)
At the end of the order (summary) please proceed as follows:
1. Read ALL mandatory fields and confirm by clicking in the box:
   A. "Article with longer delivery status, reorder(s)"
   B. "Terms and Conditions" or "TOS (read)"
2. You are also welcome to subscribe to the newsletter, because ONLY THEN you will receive news about special promotions and special discounts! However, this is voluntary and can be easily and quickly revoked at any time.

3. ALWAYS click on the big button "order for payment" or "buy" > IMPORTANT!
Then you will also receive an automatic order confirmation via e-mail from the shop.
So you know that your order has arrived safe and sound and that we can process it.
A manual creation of parts already in the shopping cart by us makes absolutely no sense, because you - in contrast to about 5 seconds for 1-2 clicks in the webshop! - sending the article data via email would take more time and we are completely overloaded and this would take even more unnecessary time.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to read EVERY text and ANY hint again step by step and carefully. Sometimes it also helps to get computer-aided help from possibly younger family members, friends or neighbors who already know such standard web shops.
Unfortunately, we can NOT provide computer training on the use of a current and common web shop like ours for capacity reasons.
Thank you for your order and your understanding.
Your Victoria-Oldtimer team