Minimum order value / repeat order

Dear Customers,

Please note our minimum order value of 19.95 EUR for new and normal end customers and 30 EUR for dealers, clubs and regular customers.

Thank you for your interest and your inquiry about articles from our assortment.
Of course we understand that you would like to save money and may not need any other items.

However, an order below the minimum order value would mean a loss for us, because the same organizational effort for order processing, billing, payment management, packaging, shipping, etc. would otherwise be greater than the profit.

You can rest assured that we are always committed to providing good customer service, but understandably can not act at a loss for the benefit of the customer.
Therefore, we may ask you to include one or more other items from our extensive range in the order.

Useful and useful here are e.g. tools or consumables like fat or oil, especially transmission oil und 2 stroke mix oil. These are needed again and again and have no expiration date.
Or also accessories for vehicles, repair purposes, cleaning purposes or nice collectibles and gifts!

Please note that we can NOT discuss these facts individually each time, as this would unnecessarily cost us precious time.
Therefore, we will not answer requests for processing orders below the minimum order value.

Note on "repeat orders":

We are pleased about your interest in other articles from our range.
And we understand, of course, that you would like to save the renewed shipping costs for reordering.
Then please transfer the amount of the first order NOT YET !!!

Any payment (even 1 cent) would be a considerable administrative burden for us as a commercial trader
- especially personnel costs for manual processing
- bank fees
- accounting
- paper, toner
- tax consultant
by itself cause about 4 EUR!
This is unfortunately unknown to many private individuals (mostly with free bank account management).

If the reordering in this case (already transferred) is below the minimum order value of 19.95 EUR and thus our profit would be less than the administrative burden, this would mean a loss for us.
You have "forgotten" a seal for 1 EUR and transfer 1 EUR separately without prior agreement.
> this would mean 3 EUR pure loss for us!

As you know, we always strive for good customer service, but understandably we can not act at a loss in favor of saving the customer (who himself has "unfavorably planned" or "forgot something").

Therefore, we may ask you either to simply order the desired item (s) in the next order or to notify us in the future of further inquiries BEFORE the payment of the current order. Then we are happy to expand your current order.

After already payment of the original amount, this is unfortunately no longer possible without additional expenses = additional costs. In this case, please notify us stating the order number (s) of the / further desired items, but in no case transfer a second amount by yourself! It can of course also change the weight and thus the shipping costs for other items.
Unfortunately, 2 rims (5-10 kg) as "reorder" can not be shipped at the same shipping cost as a previously ordered seal set (100 grams)!

Please first wait for our written feedback in any case!

Thank you for your understanding.