"NOS" - Definition

"NOS" = "New Old Stock"

These parts were in the warehouse for many decades!
These parts are unused, so have never been put into operation and not yet used!
Thus, these parts are the perfect starting point for a high-quality restoration!

However, it must be clear that
> these parts are technically perfect to use, but
> these parts were treated before us more, sometimes less well (stored)
> these parts may be dusty and dirty, so have "patina"
> These parts may have slight rust, minor scratches and minor dents
> Depending on the optical requirements, these parts may need to be cleaned or polished prior to installation

If you do not agree, please DO NOT order these parts.
Because this condition is normal and does not entitle to complaint, exchange, depreciation or similar!

Do these parts come back to the warehouse?
Since "NOS parts" are "new, old stock items", these parts are returned to the warehouse ONLY and exclusively by CHANCE - if we find them on a parts market or if they are actively offered to us in some other way.
>>> These parts simply cannot be ordered anywhere!
It is therefore not possible to make any statements as to whether / when "NOS parts" will be returned to the warehouse.
You can make an electronic request for almost all "NOS parts" in the webshop by entering your email address under "Notify when available" and then click on the red "Request notification" button.
Should we then happen to find what you are looking for with this article in the future, you will immediately receive an automatic notification by email and can then order as quickly as possible. (if we only find 1 piece
Please note this.

Thank you for your understanding
Your Victoria-Oldtimer