Pack the pole wheels, cylinders and motors securely for transport

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, we often receive goods that arrive damaged due to inadequate packaging on the way to us.
Unfortunately, we cannot and will not be liable for this, as we had no influence on it.
However, since the shipping regulations of the parcel services also prescribe "sufficient packaging using shock-absorbing material", they (unfortunately mostly rightly) also reject the sender's claims for damages.

In order to pack your cylinder or motor or even pole wheels with blades properly and safely for transport and thus avoid breaking off cooling fins, levers or other parts with the subsequent extremely unnecessary additional organizational time, please note the following:

1. Dismount all levers, spark plugs and other protruding components that could break and put them separately and additionally packed in the package in a shockproof manner.
2. Pack the cylinder / motor or the pole wheel in a sturdy cardboard box that fits just perfectly and stuff all cavities with styrofoam or packing paper so that it is "bombproof"! (plus insert the small parts too)
3. Now glue the box very firmly and stably so that there are no more cavities.
(the box would rather "bulge" outwards than inwards!)
>>> The contents must NOT be able to move in the box even after repeated vigorous shaking!
4. Now use a second sturdy box that is at least 5 cm, better 10 cm (here, the terms of the respective parcel service are decisive!) larger on all sides than the previous box.
5. Line the bottom of the large cardboard box 5-10 cm thick, preferably with styrofoam sheets.
6. Now place the small cardboard box with the component in the center of the large package and cover it all around again with styrofoam sheets and fragments.
7. Now put your covering letter with all the necessary contact details (address, phone number, e-mail) on top of the small cardboard box and line it up to the edge again 5-10 cm thick.
8. Now glue the large box very firmly and stably so that there are no more cavities.
>>> the box would rather "bulge" slightly (but not too much!) outwards than inwards!
9. Now stick the shipping label on the largest area!

So nothing should happen to the content - unless the truck drives over the package ...
THEN the parcel service would indeed have to be liable! :-)

With this in mind, good luck with the packaging.
Your Victoria Oldtimer Team