Dear Customers,

We apologize in advance for the sometimes very clear words, but the behavior of some customers makes this unfortunately necessary for a number of occasions.

We really try hard to help each of our valued customers wherever they go.

However, we currently receive about 3x as many inquiries and orders as humanly possible, since our day has only 24 h.

For this reason, in the interest of our customers with orders that have already been paid for, we must concentrate on the processing of webshop orders and repairs for the time being.

Your inquiries are gladly stored, but can only be processed sequentially (waiting list), if we have caught up all arrears!
This may take several months (!), But unfortunately not just a few days or even hours.

Unfortunately, it has recently been shown that many inquiries without sufficient expertise or with unworldly expectations come to us.

You need parts and / or have a problem.
WE really love to help!
And with over 40 years of experience, this is often or almost always the case.

Senseless requests with completely insufficient information (without any facts about the vehicle - such as "Have a Victoria, need a chain") can not be processed!
If, then please always vehicle data (chassis number, engine number, year of construction) AND images by e-mail.

If you are unsure whether the parts fit, THEN please send - AFTER PREVIOUS consultation by e-mail - the sample parts to us!
It can not be that we send "simply on suspicion and to the selection" various parts to you and then, if it "unfortunately does not fit" to 100% back and refund the full price.
We also had work with the order AND with an evl. Return (and this can not be done "free of charge"!) And it is not fair if WE should carry the risk for YOUR vehicle or your restoration and go out afterwards with considerable loss from the process ...
Then unfortunately we would have to reject the process from the beginning!

Please do not send double requests, as this will not bring any benefit but only further loss of time.
These double requests will be deleted without comment!

Inquiries by letter (possibly with printed pictures) will only be processed (also after waiting list), if an e-mail address for further communication is enclosed!
A pure letter communication we do not carry for economic reasons anymore.
> please send us an e-mail!

Inquiries by fax are unfortunately NOT possible, because here are pictures in 99% of all cases are NOT readable (comes with us only as a black area!) And by manual typing also takes too much time.
> please send us an e-mail!

Please try to cover your spare parts needs in the webshop by using the original order numbers and the
GERMAN SEARCH function! (english search data hase is not availiable until now...)
> If necessary order a suitable type CD with (among others) the spare parts list here!

For the above reason, we are also NOT available by phone until further notice.
> The answering machine will ask you to write an e-mail.
Multiple calls do not make any sense, because the answering machine is permanently active!

Please also NO requests / orders by FAX!
> extreme effort to type everything by hand currently not possible!
>>> Fix orders ONLY by e-mail> better directly in the webshop

It can not be expected that we as a dealer will do EVERYTHING for FREE !!!
Good and VERY good service with know how can ONLY be done by technically good and VERY good people!
And THESE people do NOT work for nothing - as well as all customers request ...!
So if we have work, it MUST be paid.
Where is it written that "only free customer service is a good customer service" ???
That means specifically also:
If WE make a mistake (luckily happens very rarely, but we are only humans), THEN but of course we are just for it and come up for it.
However, if YOU make a mistake as a customer (or are wrong, can happen, no problem at all!), then the common sense expects YOU, not us, to pay!

If YOU cause a car accident, this will hardly pay your neighbor ... right?

Anyone who does not understand and would rather get bad service and false information / parts for free, would like to please his luck and help rather looking for the competitor ...

Thank you for your understanding
Your Victoria-Oldtimer