Dear Customers,

Should you ever receive a faulty or incorrect article, please note the following points:

1. Please contact ERST contact by e-mail
Please do not send any goods for the time being, but contact us first by e-mail and
- describe the problem accurately and factually: what, how, where, when, how much, why ...?
("does not fit" is a qualitative "0" and contains no clues to the quick fix!)
- Please always send one or more pictures as well
(if applicable comparison picture "Ordered - received")
- Please also always send your vehicle data
How else should we clarify in 90% of the cases what exactly is wrong, if we do not even know the exact vehicle / model / variant ...?
("I have a Volkswagen GOLF and need matching parts" unfortunately just does not work ...)
(Why not ??? Because Golf 1 to Golf 7 + various engines and transmissions ... = dozens of options!)

It is also in your interest to specify in advance.
Because in many cases a return can be avoided if
- it is only a mistake (article fits, looks only a little different than the original, because spare parts, or is different to apply, because "technical improvement"!)
- we send you the correct article and you can simply keep / dispose of the wrong delivery
(For example, because a return costs more postage than the goods is worth)

2. Wait for confirmation
Please wait in any case only our feedback on the process = confirmation of the return, even if it takes several days.

3. Send goods well packaged
Only if confirmed by us, please send the goods well packed to our address:
Pressather Str. 93
D-92637 Weiden
If the goods are damaged due to insufficient packaging on the return transport route, you are liable as sender for the impairment and may receive less or no credit!
(sorry, but we have already received headlamp lenses WITHOUT ANY upholstery in 1000 pieces as a return ...)

Please release the shipment!
The postage will of course be refunded in case of justified complaints.
"UNFREE" shipments (= "postage pays receiver") are in principle NOT accepted because of the disproportionately higher fees!
We do not have finished returns, because our return rate is well below 1%.

4. Incorrect order - polluter pays principle
If you have ordered the wrong article, but we have delivered exactly as ordered, it is even more important to get the necessary information (see point 1, 1st paragraph!), Because no one wants to have to "exchange 5x"!

In addition to your return costs we also incur enormous (personnel) costs, because
- We have to document the return photographically and comprehensibly
- We have to check the goods of each return for integrity and completeness
- We often have to repack the goods because the old packaging has often been damaged, torn or soiled
- we have to store the goods again
- We must dispose of the outer packaging of the return in an environmentally friendly manner
- We have to create a credit
- we have to make a partial / repayment
- We have to book these repayments in the house accounting professionally
- We have to have these repayments taxed by the tax consultant
>>> You see, for us as a commercial trader, there is far more to do than the private consumer suspects.

That is why we only consider it fair in the interest of the polluter-pays principle and in the interest of ALL customers
just NOT all customers have to pay a surcharge on all their correctly ordered goods to refinance incorrect orders / errors of other customers.
>> But that's exactly what most big companies do. <<
Many customers know this, but prefer to ignore it.
We reject this, however!
If your neighbor caused a car crash, you would hardly want to pay for the damage, OR?

Therefore, we ask you to be fair and allow us to deduct a corresponding processing fee, otherwise the return for us would be a significant loss (minus).
Many very fair customers have already agreed to that!
Only for a few, unfortunately, despite the above plausible explanation, this met with incomprehension ...
If you are not prepared to do so, we reserve the right - depending on the case - to also limit our non-binding offer of parts delivery and to refrain from further delivery.
Because we are sure that these customers will certainly NOT work for nothing or even bring their boss more money.

Replacement deliveries or exchanges WITHOUT previous comparison with the vehicle data is NOT possible, because the risk of a "multiple exchange" would be too large for both sides and not economically viable (especially if avoidable!).

Thank you for your understanding and your broad support so far
Your Victoria Oldtimer