Shipping, basics:
We ship daily with DHL / DEUTSCHE POST.

Package shipping:
Within Germany, ONLY we send well-packaged and insured items as parcels or worldwide as registered mail or parcels.

Letter Shipping:
>>> We no longer send "quick and cheap letters"! Since in the past far too many letters were lost with DEUTSCHEN POST and the annoyance from it was no longer acceptable to both our customers and us, we ONLY send packaged and insured items that are well protected.
> see "parcel shipping"!
The thin letter also does not offer sufficient protection for your goods against damage.
All of this is in favor of a smooth process and in the interest of all our customers and unfortunately cannot be renegotiated in every individual case.
We ask for your understanding and to refrain from any inquiries regarding "exceptions".
Thank you very much.

The shipping of orders with exclusively stored goods usually takes place within 48 hours (weekdays, but without public holidays / company holidays!).
This applies in each case from visible receipt of payment of the correct invoice amount on one of our bank accounts.

The current status of the shipping times and company holidays you can see at any time on the home page in the info table!

Total delivery time:
This is effectively composed of:

1. "delivery status":
This is the time for the procurement of the goods from a supplier or raw material plus the production time of an article manufactured by us.

2. „delivery time“:
This is the usual duration of the shipping route from leaving the goods of our house.

= "Letter transit time" or "package runtime"

Since we no longer have any influence on the speed of the shipping companies, we ask you to refrain from asking questions about the whereabouts of the goods, if
- within Germany less than 5 working days from dispatch confirmation
- abroad at DPD less than 1 week from the date of shipment confirmation
- at DHL under 4 weeks from dispatch confirmation
Please use the shipment tracking links provided in the shipping confirmation instead.

For these reasons, the indication of delivery times (except "in stock") based on "approx." (= "about" = "approximately" => so NO FIX deadline!) based on experience from the previous deliveries of our suppliers and factories.
This is a permissible clause in the judgment of the OLG Bremen, Decision of 18.05.2009 - 2 U 42/09 and judgment of 05.10.2012, 2 U 49/12 and also of the OLG München, Decision of 8.10.2014, 29 W 1935/14.

This is not intentional or otherwise caused by us, but simply due to the customary delivery times (in peak times possibly also possible supply bottlenecks) caused by the manufacturer or supplier delay.
These delivery times can therefore be significantly exceeded in rush hours or during the high season or in action periods.
As the classic car industry (almost all factories have been closed for over 50 years!) Unfortunately has NO structures similar to today's automotive industry, this is to be classified as customary in the industry and does not entitle to compensation or reduction.
This is especially true for ABE (General Operating Permit) duplicates, as these must be issued after your order in detail by the competent authority!
Again, we have NO possibility of influence or acceleration!
Therefore we ask you to refrain from inquiries under 3 weeks from receipt of payment.

Shipping free CD download:
Unfortunately, some customers again and again order real goods, so spare parts and choose the shipping method "Free shipping as a CD download", although this is clearly described and logically not possible.

This may arise if you have ordered a CD in a previous order by download.
> The webshop remembers the last used shipping method as "your preferred shipping method".

But if you order real goods, please change the shipping method in the summary (point 5) of the order:

Versandart ändern
Physical goods can NOT be e-mailed!

If this "mishap" has happened to you, please DO NOT transfer the money and contact us first so that we can change the bill.

If you have already transferred, then usually a second payment for the actual shipping costs plus 4, - EUR processing fee for the second payment is necessary. (see: minimum order value / repeat order)
Please do NOT transfer any 2nd sum without consultation!
Please always wait for the new invoice!

The shipping and packaging costs are automatically calculated by the webshop depending on the weight of the ordered parts.

Please also keep in mind that the total shipping price is NOT just the "postage price", but is composed as follows:

- Pure postage costs (shipping costs including insurance from the parcel service + toll + diesel surcharges)
- Personnel costs for the colleague in the warehouse
- Printer paper, toner, power
- packaging material (ZIP bag, cardboard, filling material, adhesive tape)
- Disposal package dual system
- if applicable VAT

So you see, there is far more to consider than just comparing the postage.Letter Shipping:
>>> We do NOT ship "fast and cheap uninsured letters" no more! Since too many letters were lost in the past with the German Post and the trouble was no longer acceptable for both sides, we ship within Germany ONLY well protected packaged (the content should not be damaged - sufficient protection for letters barely possible) and insured shipments as a DPD package or worldwide as registered and insured mail or parcel.
This is in favor of a smooth process and in the interest of all our customers and unfortunately can not be renegotiated in each individual case again.

Partial deliveries:
The shipment of the ordered goods is always in a package, as soon as all parts are completely in stock. So there are NO free partial deliveries for items with delivery time information.

If you need some items urgently, then please order them in an order that contains only items marked "in stock". Please enter and order all other products with delivery time in a second order.

Shipping service:
Preferably we ship with DPD as an insured package. However, Victoria Oldtimer is always free to choose the shipping service provider.
For the purpose of smooth shipping, your shipping address, your telephone number and your e-mail address will be sent to the executive shipping service provider.

Thus, you as a customer can choose various options when receiving the package in the online portal of the shipping service provider and any discrepancies with possibly incorrect address data are resolved as quickly as possible.

If you, as a customer, expressly request uninsured shipping with DEUTSCHE POST or DHL for your order, you accept that the delivery times within Germany may also exceed one week. for letters, parcels and consignments and declare themselves as a buyer with payment of the invoice amount ready to take over the shipping risk and to refrain from compensation for loss of the consignment.
Since Victoria classic car from the delivery of an uninsured shipment to the GERMAN POST or DHL has no possibility of tracking or other interference more, so inquiries for the whereabouts of the shipment in uninsured shipping methods are NOT answered. If you do not want this, please refrain from doing so, as we will not answer these questions because we can not.

Many thanks for your understanding
Your Victoria-Oldtimer team


The shipping costs can only be calculated once the item is in the basket.