Dear Customers,

We make every effort to help each of our valued customers wherever possible.
However, we currently receive about 3x as many inquiries and orders as humanly possible, since our day has only 24 h.
Therefore, in the interests of customers with already paid orders, we can only carry out all repairs in the order in which they are received.

Due to this extreme demand, workshop orders currently have a waiting period of:
>>> about 2 years +/- 50%!

If you are seriously interested in a restoration (whole vehicle or whole engine), please contact us by e-mail with details of the model + pictures.
If the restoration is feasible, you will be entered in the waiting list.

But we ask you for the time being, to ask no more than once a year for the "state or a date for your repair"!
WE will gladly contact you about 4-6 weeks before the approaching date for your request.
This leaves enough time to plan and carry out the delivery of the vehicle / engine.

Please understand that we can NOT remotely "narrow down the price" from afar!
This is only extremely rough in advance (WITHOUT any guarantee and obligation) and only later after an appraisal and preparation of a cost estimate (KE) a little closer possible.
The time required for the dismantling and preparation of the cost estimate is in any case, so pay for non-implementation of the restoration.

(Sorry that we need to write it so clearly for a given reason, but:
NO, we CAN NOT disassemble a vehicle for 5 hours + make a KE again for 5 hours and then have done this completely for nothing (remainder to the customer too expensive)

Thank you for your understanding
Your Victoria-Oldtimer